Technology for the next wave
of alternative lending

Enabling alternative lenders and institutional investors
to transact with confidence

Simplify workflows across the consumer credit
funding cycle–all on one platform.


At PeerIQ, we’re enabling the safe and secure movement of capital into the alternative lending sector.  Institutional investors and lenders alike leverage our solutions to meet these new data, operational, and risk management challenges.


Aggregate, standardize, and reconcile all your financial information in one place.


Surveil portfolios and market tapes, explore trends, and run scenarios for forward-looking insight.


Craft dynamic reports on your own or enlist PeerIQ to handle for you.


Go beyond warehouse reporting for real-time monitoring and borrowing base optimization.


Deliver rich datasets, docs, and tools for clients to quickly diligence loans or monitor existing purchases.


Retain PeerIQ for loan-level, fair value assessments, including daily pricing.

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PeerIQ is an established thought leader on the efficient funding of consumer credit via the capital markets. PeerIQ analytics platform offers a rich feature set for all institutional participants from loan buyers, to banks, to ABS investors.

Steve ChaoukiSVP, Financial Services, TransUnion

PeerIQ is creating the first risk analytics platform designed to meet deal structuring needs for institutional investors, while also helping to drive standards for this maturing asset class.

John MackFormer CEO of Morgan Stanley

Our partnership with PeerIQ allows us—and our investors—to access high-quality data and powerful tools to drive actionable insight.

Joseph TomsPresident and CIO, Freedom Financial Asset Management

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