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26 FinTech Companies Powering Institutional Investments and Trading

By Vy Phan

February 26, 2016 (Feb. 26, 2016)

EquityZen is a marketplace for private secondary investments in companies worth more than $50 million.

The RidgeWorth Funds provides investors with a range of equity funds, bond funds and asset allocation funds. Correlix (acquired by TS-Associates) offers its real-time Latency Intelligence monitoring software to capital markets firms to identify and manage latency impediments to trade opportunities and discover ways to efficiently optimize their transaction infrastructure. ETFmatic provides institutional investor quality wealth management solutions direct to consumers, building and managing unique portfolios based on index investing strategies and exchange traded funds (ETFs). InvestWell is a matching platform that drives targeted opportunities to investors to assess project viability. They also offer one-to-one advice and guidance from a team of experts that ensures project owners are investment ready. Venovate Marketplace brings together accredited investors and qualified institutions with private-placement business opportunities to make raising capital easier. Venovate facilitates the discovery, evaluation, and purchase of private company stock and other alternative assets. Sliced Investing is an online platform that provides access to top private investments for financial advisorsand accredited investors. Approved Sliced members can browse and learn about hedge fund opportunities. Artivest is a new way to invest in private funds, including private equity, hedge funds and venture capital. Artivest delivers institutional-grade manager selection, featuring only funds that meet the highest standards. GAIN Capital Group provides online trading services for foreign exchange to fund managers, commodity trading advisors and professional traders. RGM Advisors is a proprietary trading company that applies scientific methods and computing power to trading in multiple asset classes around the world. Trusted Insight is a social network for institutional investors that allows them to manage portfolios, investor networks and funds. It allows lead investors to syndicate investment opportunities to family offices, qualified institutional buyers and other institutional investors across asset classes such as venture capital, private equity/buyout, real estate, infrastructure, and others. Lucena Research provides decision support technology for investment professionals including hedge funds and wealth advisors. Lucena delivers quantitative analysis and statistical machine learning solutions that enable their customers to exploit market opportunities and to reduce risk in their portfolios. Finomial automates the hedge fund subscription process and provides investor analytics on compliance, marketing and investor relations. It transforms the buy-side investment process, investor analytics, and regulatory compliance by automating the current manual hedge fund subscription process between the investor, fund manager and administrator. Finomial delivers risk reduction, cost savings and efficiency, and provides hedge fund managers with powerful investor analytics to drive compliance, marketing and investor relations. FNEX provides alternative investment opportunities to qualified investors. It provides advisors, institutional investors, private equity groups, family offices and accredited investors expanded alternative investments. Listings on its alternatives platform are from investment banks and include primary offerings of private placements, hedge funds, and managed futures commodity offerings. RealtyShares describes itself as the Lending Club for real estate. They have created a marketplace for real estate investing through which individual and institutional investors can purchase shares in pre-vetted residential and commercial real estate properties for as little as $5,000 from the convenience of a laptop or tablet. These investments are offered through real estate borrowers/sponsors looking for access to more efficient capital than what banks and other private capital sources are able to provide. Invessence has built digital advisor platforms for investment advisors and broker-dealers. REPSE is an alternative investments platform that focuses on private placements, including operating companies from startups to later-stage businesses. REPSE’s alternative investments platform provides institutional and accredited investors, private equity, venture capital, corporate VCs and corporations with a dedicated platform to find, track and connect with operating companies, GPs, funds and fundless (independent) sponsors who may be raising capital through private placements or offerings, seeking partnerships or building or operating exciting new businesses. DarcMatter is an online investment platform that provides transparent institutional-level access to private investment opportunities such as venture capital, private equity, hedge funds and commercial debt products. Red Leaf Capital is not an exchange or a payment processor. It is a brokerage where world-class proprietary trading firms, hedge funds and money managers can trade across multiple exchanges. Quantopian is a crowdsourced hedge fund that provides the world’s first browser-based algorithmic trading platform. PeerIQ is a credit risk analytics firm that helps institutions analyze, access and manage risk in the peer-to-peer lending sector. OpenFin provides runtime technology solutions for financial desktops. Large banks and trading platforms use OpenFin to run high-performance, multi-window HTML5 applications on financial desktops. Konnect2 is developing the first communication network that provides a structured data exchange and algorithmic processing to the global bond market. IEX is the first US equity trading venue owned exclusively by buy-side investors, including mutual funds, hedge funds and family offices. IEX operates a fair-access platform for any qualified broker-dealer and was built on the principle of investor protection, delivered through its proprietary anti-colocation architecture and simplified pricing & rule set. Fundbase delivers to qualified investors an integrated platform to discover, execute and monitor complex investments such as hedge funds, private equity and other high-conviction investments. AlgoFast is an automated, event trading software platform that allows individual and institutional investors to execute automated trades in response to a wide array of economic and corporate indicators. [Original article available here.]