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Buy And Sell Loans With Ease

PeerIQ’s online Liquidity Management Platform  enables whole loan sales, purchases, participations, and syndicated transactions.

Manage Loan to Deposit Ratios – Stop saying no to valuable customers and reduce high loan to deposit ratios by selling pools of loans into PeerIQ’s network of community and regional banks. Self service means you can sell loans without expensive broker dealers

Reduce Risk through Portfolio Diversification – Put excess deposits to work and reduce concentration risk by purchasing pools of consumer and small business loans from banks, non banks, and Fintech lenders

Collateral Diligence, Advanced Analytics, & Automated Reporting – Put an end to lengthy manual diligence processes by leveraging PeerIQ’s automated insights and reporting. Automatically identify optimal pools to sell, project cashflows to price potential purchases, and allow analysts to spend time creating value instead of reports


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