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February 16, 2018 Fintech-friendly Cross River Bank partners with PeerIQ on loan data American Banker
October 30, 2017 PeerIQ & Mosaic Partner on Solar Loan Asset Backed Securitization CrowdFundInsider
October 13, 2017 Could online lending become the next systemic risk? American Banker
October 6, 2017 Amazon Could Be Your Lender, Too Bloomberg
September 28, 2017 Fintechs tend to march to their own rules’: former SEC chair Levitt American Banker
August 29, 2017 Big data in financial services: 9 companies to watch CIO
August 3, 2017 PeerIQ Gets Major Funding from Macquarie – and Others AltFi
August 3, 2017 Top P2PL Analytics Firm Gets Funding P2PLendingExpert
August 3, 2017 Hearst Fund Invests in Lending Sector Data Firm PeerIQ Media Star
August 2, 2017 John Mack-Backed Data Startup Announces New Funding and Partners Bloomberg
August 2, 2017 PeerIQ Closes $12 Million Series A with Backing from TransUnion, Hearst CrowdFundInsider
August 2, 2017 PeerIQ Announces $12mn Series A Financing Deal LendIt
June 5, 2017 Marketplace ABS evolving SCI
May 21, 2017 Bond Buyers Forgive and Forget, Flock Back to Online Lenders’ Debt WSJ
April 3, 2017 For Marketplace Lending Securitizations, A Bumpy Road But Strong Investor Sentiment deBanked
April 5, 2017 US MPL securitisations total $3bn in first quarter Peer2Peer Finance News
March 30, 2017 Risk and Data Management Tools Give Marketplace Lending a Boost GARP
April 4, 2017 PeerIQ Releases Marketplace Lending Securitization Tracker Q1 2017 Lend Academy
April 3, 2017 Report: Marketplace Lending Securitization Tracker Q1 2017 Lending Times
March 23, 2017 Banks Cash In on AI-Enabled Recruiting
February 27, 2017 PeerIQ Forms Partnership with 1010data on Loan Data from Online Lenders CrowdFund Insider
February 24, 2017 PeerIQ Pushes for Loan-Data Standards AB Alert
February 13, 2017 Ram Ahluwalia of PeerIQ Shares the Future of Online Lending CrowdFund Insider
February 9, 2017 31 FinTech Companies Transforming Institutional Investments and Trading LetsTalkPayments
February 1, 2017 PeerIQ Inks Agreement with Freedom Financial Network CrowdFund Insider
February 1, 2017 PeerIQ Announces Agreement with Freedom Financial Network(Yahoo! Finance), Rated: A Lending Times
December 28, 2016 How Data Standardization and Transparency Solves the P2P Problem Lending Times
December 1, 2016 New Partnership Promises Better Data for Marketplace Loan Buyers American Banker
December 1, 2016 PeerIQ & TransUnion Join Forces to Bring Data Transparency Solutions to Marketplace Lending CrowdFund Insider
December 1, 2016 PeerIQ and TransUnion Partner to Provide More Transparency to Marketplace Lending LendAcademy
October 21, 2016 Led By Student Loans, Marketplace Lending Securitization Volume Soars Forbes
October 20, 2016 Bloomberg Radio: Bloomberg Markets Bloomberg
October 12, 2016 One of Peter Thiel’s investors says Goldman Sachs’ fintech efforts are doomed to fail Business Insider
October 11, 2016 Video: The State of the Industry in the USA LendIt
October 10, 2016 PeerIQ’s Marketplace Lending Securitization Tracker Q3 2016 Lending Times
October 6, 2016 US P2P securitisation hits record high Peer2Peer Finance News
September 27, 2016 Credit veteran tackles opacity in peer-to-peer lending
August 3, 2016 The Online Lending Obstacle Course Bloomberg
July 29, 2016 Online Lending Hitting A Rough Patch ValueWalk
July 29, 2016 FAIR VALUE? Call for standardised approach to MPL valuations SCI
July 21, 2016 Video: LendIt China Interview with PeerIQ CEO, Ram Ahluwalia LendIt
July 7, 2016 Amazon Looks Set to Deliver in Structured Credit After Hire Creditflux
July 6, 2016 Positive Securitization Trends in Marketplace Lending Loans LendAcademy
May 22, 2016 The Online Lending Scare Washington Post
May 9, 2016 More Thoughts on the Lending Club News Plus a Review of Their Q1 Results Lend Academy
April 29, 2016 Podcast 63: Ram Ahluwalia of PeerIQ Lend Academy
April 13, 2016 P2P lending: These are the nine key trends in alternative finance City A.M.
March 31, 2016 CHAI Print Points to Value SCI
March 30, 2016 Not All Marketplace Lenders Are Created Equal – The State of Fintech Lending deBanked
February 26, 2016 26 FinTech Companies Powering Institutional Investments and Trading LetsTalkPayments
February 24, 2016 Ex–Citi Boss Vikram Pandit Backs Peer-to-Peer Lending Institutional Investor
February 23, 2016 Marketplace lending analytics firm adds sales head in New York CreditFlux
February 22, 2016 The online lending market might be telling us something troubling about the US economy Business Insider
February 22, 2016 The worrying signal from US online lending Financial Times
October 13, 2015 7 Hot Fintech Start-Ups of 2015 Hannah Augur
September 27, 2015 Video: The evolution of the marketplace lending ecosystem AltFi
September 23, 2015 PeerIQ Entering Valuation Business Asset Backd Alert
September 15, 2015 PeerIQ, Data Provider to P-to-P Loan Investors, Raises $2.5M American Banker
September 14, 2015 PeerIQ Secures $2.5M in Follow-On Seed Funding for P2P Credit Risk Analytics Platform CrowdFund Insider
September 14, 2015 More Early Funding Pours Into Online Lending Data Startup WSJ
September 3, 2015 Four Entrepreneurs Talk About the Fintech Revolution Bloomberg
April 17, 2015 The P2P Explosion: Business Models May Change, but Risks Still Need to Be Managed GARP
April 9, 2015 Bold-Faced Wall Street Names Back Loan Data Startup PeerIQ WSJ