US Q3 GDP showed 3.5% annualized growth, well above potential growth of 2%. Growth slowed from the blistering 4.2% pace in Q2 due to rising inventories and lower consumer spending:

Source: WSJ, PeerIQ

The Fed remains on track to raise rates for the fourth time this year in December, but is signaling a dovish tone beyond December. Fed Chair Powell’s comments this week suggested that the Fed Funds Rate may be close to its neutral rate. The comments led to the market ratcheting down rate hikes in 2019 from 4 to 1.

VantageScore analyzed the credit habits of millennials in their monthly newsletter. Millennials with thin credit files have, on average, similar incomes to their counterparts with thicker credit files. This behavior is contrary to that seen among prior generations. You can read the full study here.

Source: VantageScore, PeerIQ

Data to Insights: How do credit card accounts perform when borrowers also have a personal loan?

PeerIQ analyzed the performance on credit cards of borrowers with a personal loan. We looked at the performance of borrowers with credit cards who take a personal loan and compared them to those who don’t. We asked to what extent are personal loans substituting for credit card balances? Controlling for credit score and balances, do credit card borrowers with a personal loan perform better or worse or similar than borrowers without a personal loan.

The answer may surprise you. Reach out for a demonstration of the PeerIQ analytics platform – powered by thru-cycle loan-level TransUnion data – to answer these questions and many more.

Source: PeerIQ, numbers show above are illustrative, reach out for actuals

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  • 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018 (MIT Tech Review, December 2018) 3D metal printing, real-time translation, and smart cities are among the breakthrough technologies for 2018.