• CEO, Ram Ahluwalia, will join a panel discussion entitled, “Alternative Lending Securitization and Similar Capital Sources,” on June 9th in New York—RSVP here.
  • PeerIQ will be in Miami for the ABS East Conference in Miami September 16-18.

Industry Update:

  • Lending Club Fund Falters (WSJ, 5/25/16) Broad Based Consumer Credit Fund witnesses slip in returns for April; outperforms 99% of Morningstar intermediate bond funds.
  • China Originator Maps More Deals (AB Alert, 5/27/16) China based marketplace lender, Yirendai, expects securitization to become a vital part of its future funding.

PeerIQ Mentions:

  • The Online Lending Scare (The Washington Post, 5/22/16) Parallels between online lending (1% of the consumer lending market) and the subprime mortgage market are greatly exaggerated.

Lighter Fare: