The new year is already in full swing and so are the P2P/Consumer Credit conferences.  PeerIQ will be attending the following conferences (and we look forward to seeing you there):

  • Continuum Credit Conference in San Francisco next week (Jan 27-28); The conference will highlight the rapid P2P growth in China, and Ram is slated to speak on a panel entitled “Securitization: Opportunity for Marketplace Lenders”
  • Context Summits in Miami (Feb 3-5); Ram will moderate a panel that explores the opportunities and risks for allocators considering P2P hedge funds for investment exposure
  • ABS Vegas in Vegas (Feb 28-March 2), where PeerIQ is featured on the “Development of Securitization in Marketplace Lending” panel
  • LendIt Conference in San Francisco (April 11-12)

Industry Update:

Last week hit the markets hard, with many wondering whether the first two weeks of January presage a slowdown in global growth. Still, we have a number of positive developments, including new securitizations, solid ABS projections, and a mega fundraise in China. Further, bank earnings had good news with Citi reporting its biggest annual profit in a decade.  Finally, PeerIQ got a nice mention as one of the top seed venture deals of 2015:

 Lighter Fare: