Last week, Ram spoke on the “Disruptor Discussions” panel at the Wharton/Kellogg 2015 CIO Leaders In Investing Summit. It was an informative event that fostered discussion on current challenges and opportunities in today’s rapidly-changing investing environment.  Was a treat to see the broad interest in marketplace lending from new investor segments, including pensions and endowments.

Top news from last week included word of Deutsche Bank’s auctioning of Santander’s Lending Club portfolio; the $1.2Tn global impact of newly proposed reg-cap rules; as well as the recent $14.3Mn funding of Bread, an online point-of-sale lender.  Further, PeerIQ’s Marketplace Lending Securitization Tracker continues to generate interest:  

  • PeerIQ Shares Deal Listings (AB Alert, 11/13/15, attached) Short note on our Securitization Tracker and the response from the market.
  • Auction Shines Light on Lending Club (AB Alert, 11/13/15, subscription required) Continued interest in Santander’s move to sell its $1B portfolio, as well as Lending Club’s role in the sale. As you’d imagine, market participants are actively eyeing the sale price.