Before recapping last week’s key news, we highlight that PeerIQ will be exhibiting at the IMN’s Investors’ Conference on Marketplace Lending this coming Thursday (10/29).  Come visit us at our booth, as well as join panels at which PeerIQ will be speaking:

  • Ram is speaking on the “Developments in Securitization” panel @ 11am;
  • Kevin is speaking on the “Lender’s Perspective” panel @ 4pm.

It promises to be a great conference, with over 700 participants, and a strong focus on asset manager and institutional investors active in marketplace lending. Email us to setup a time to chat and stop by our booth to learn more. We look forward to reconnecting.

We’re seeing US Treasury RFI inquiry continue to fuel much industry conversation.  To further the discussion, we have drafted A Survey of US Treasury RFI Submissions, capturing and summarizing key positions on topics of most interest to institutional investors (i.e. the regulatory imperative, transparency, risk retention).  Click here to access a copy of our PeerIQ’s original RFI Submission.

Now to the news recap, led by more on Blackstone’s big foray into P2P (and the role that securitization will likely play), as well as Funding Circle’s acquisition of German platform Zencap:

  • Risk retention hits mortgage funds (AB Alert, 10/16/15, subscription required) Reported grumbling from funds that rely on securitization to fund home-loan purchases regarding Dodd Frank’s 5% risk retention requirement (with upcoming Dec. 24th compliance deadline).  Funds point to the mismatch between rules requiring holding to maturity and investor redemption requests.
  • EU’s benchmark rules risk stifling innovation (Risk, 10/20/15, subscription required) CFTC Chairman Timothy Massad voiced concern that recent EU efforts to protect the integrity of existing benchmarks (following the Libor scandal) could discourage new benchmarks and related technologies.