It was great to see so many MPL participants this past week at the Opal Group’s Marketplace Lending & Alternative Financing Summit. The OCC’s move to authorize national bank charters for fintechs dominated conversations there, including whether (and which) fintechs might ultimately seek to avail themselves of the pre-emption benefit.  We refer readers to PeerIQ’s analysis of the OCC charter’s supervisory guidelines for more.

Also this week, Moody’s released its 2017 Credit Quality Outlook, finding that the credit quality of MPL loans backing ABS should remain stable in 2017. Finally, on the securitization front, SoFi made headlines, announcing the pricing of their first mortgage transaction (SoFi Mortgage Trust Series 2016-1) of $168M+ in prime jumbo RMBS. The firm also announced their 7th student loan transaction this year (SOFI 2016-F).

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  • Two Friends Who Changed How We Think About How We Think (New Yorker, 12/7/16) Bestselling author of “MoneyBall,” Michael Lewis examines the partnership between two esteemed psychologists and the impact of their work in psychology and economics in his new book, “The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds.”